4 Reasons Why an Umbrella Makes the Best Gift for Men

Sorting through the many “gift for men” options is never easy. You want to choose something special, something he might not buy for himself.  There are the usual suspects: wallets, money clips, fitness devices, headphones, and cufflinks.

Of these choices, which gift will make his life easier? Which will make a statement?

Enter the umbrella.

The best gift for a man is an umbrella.

Fun fact—prior to the mid-18th century, umbrellas were accessories used primarily by women. Then in the late 1700’s, a guy name Jonas Hanway came into the picture and made a statement. Because of him, we see men who carry umbrellas as practical and self-sufficient. Unfortunately for Jonas, back in his day umbrella frames were made of whalebone, the fabric was silk and it weighed about the same as a sledgehammer.  Things are different today.  Consider the Davek umbrella—the finest high-performance umbrella on the market.

Each Davek umbrella is built for stability as well as for style.  Uniquely strong by design, the precision-engineered frame is a combination of solid steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and lightweight fiberglass and the canopy is made of 190-thread count microfiber fabric, the highest weave available. 

Here's why a Davek umbrella is the perfect gift for men:

Every man needs an umbrella.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, every guy eventually needs an umbrella.  But not everyone has a luxury, high-performance umbrella, which is why there is that extra delight when they receive one as a gift that features the overbuilt construction and beauty of a Davek umbrella. The exceptional durability and precision engineering of a Davek umbrella is obvious the moment you pick it up.

The sweet spot between gear and fashion.

The umbrella is that rare breed of gift that falls between the worlds of fashion and gadget gear. Yes, you need something to complement and protect that fine Italian suit. At the same time, the compact frame construction, metal alloy accents and automotive design cues allude more to machinery than accessory. Put them all in a sleek gift box and you’ve got the perfect gift for men.

All about protection.

An umbrella has one job to do: protect you. There is something noble and comforting about that, both from the gift giver as well as recipient. This guy is not only ready for anything that comes his way, he’s prepared to share with others.

A perfect accessory for his car.

Chances are, he’s got a car. If so, the precision engineering and automotive design accents make the Davek umbrella an ideal companion accessory. It fits perfectly in the glove compartment, trunk or side door.

The premium Davek line offers a full range of umbrella models, priced $49 to $350. When you’re looking for a gift for men, here’s a short guide to help you choose the right one:

For the Executive:  The Davek Solo

Smart, organized, thoughtful. His umbrella usually travels in a briefcase, a messenger bag or his car, so it needs to be compact but durable. Stylish, yet understated. Like him, the Davek Solo performs exceptionally well on demand, and looks good doing it.

For the Road Warrior:  The Davek Traveler

If not traveling for work, he’s planning his next big adventure. And traveling light necessitates an umbrella with a lighter, more compact profile. The Davek Traveler fits in a bag or a jacket pocket so it’s easy to take along on any journey.

For the Big & Tall:  The Davek Duet

The Solo’s bigger brother. The Davek Duet features a massive 55” arc-diameter, big enough to cover two with room to spare—yet a convenient 15” when folded closed. 

For the Sportsman:  The Davek Golf

He works hard and plays hard. His sporting equipment is top quality. The Davek Golf umbrella offers a dual canopy design and wind-defying technology that’s been tested in a wind tunnel at MIT.

For the Gentleman:  The Davek Savile

What do you get a guy who has everything? The Davek Savile is a work of art. The fine, polished chestnut wood is imported from Italy. Our most exclusive umbrella, each piece is individually carved by hand—no two are alike.

Do you need more help choosing? Check out our model comparison page, and reach out with any questions you might have. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start shopping for a gift that he’ll never forget. 

For more information about Davek umbrellas and other unique gifts for men, click here

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