6 Reasons Why an Umbrella is the Best Corporate Gift Idea

You’re planning your company’s annual event and need to decide on a corporate gift for attendees. Where on earth should you start? 

Remember, corporate gifts mean more to employees than you think. More often than not, they reflect how much a company values its team and colleagues. In other words, you might want to think twice about making a bulk order of those company-branded water bottles or t-shirts.

We know—there’s a lot to consider. What’s the budget? Tech or non-tech? Is the gift gender neutral? Will your colleagues be traveling with it? Stand alone or gift bag? Customized with your company logo, or not?

A corporate gift idea that stands the test of time. 

Let us cut to the chase and offer a corporate gift suggestion: An umbrella.

Not just any umbrella, mind you. A Davek luxury umbrella. These are not your typical umbrellas—they are highly engineered with striking aesthetic details. They fall closer to the watch or jewelry category. They offer the quality and elegance of a luxury item with the practicality of something you really need. We call it luxe utility.

The sweet spot between luxury and practicality.

We’ve heard it a million times: “Wow! A corporate gift that I actually use!” No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone eventually needs an umbrella. But not everyone has a luxury, high-performance umbrella, which is why there is that extra delight when they receive one as a corporate gift that features the overbuilt construction and beauty of a Davek umbrella. The exceptional durability and precision engineering of a Davek umbrella is obvious the moment you pick it up.

An umbrella is unisex.

Purchasing corporate gifts in quantity can often pose a challenge. Trying to sort gender-based gifts is a hassle and you may overstock or come up short, based on your final attendee list. An umbrella is that rare breed of fashion accessory that is truly unisex and size agnostic, making it the perfect corporate gift idea for both men and women alike. Removing the gender factor will make final distribution of your corporate gift a lot easier for your event.

Customize it with your company logo.

Adding your company logo to your selected corporate gift item is an important detail. You’ll want to include one to remind recipients about your company long after the event. At the same time, you’ll want to avoid disrupting the corporate gift’s natural elegance and integrity. Try adding your company logo onto an elegant handbag or wallet and you’ll know what we mean.

An umbrella, with its large open canopy, has a natural place for custom artwork, which doesn’t look forced or awkward. You can even print your logo on this inside of the canopy for a more discreet, understated effect. Is your goal more promotional? Want to get the word out? Go loud, go proud—print your logo on the exterior of the canopy for maximum exposure.

An ideal corporate gift for travelers.

We live in a global world, with more business travel than ever before. Many, if not most, of your attendees will be from out of town. Give them a corporate gift that they can start using immediately, and easily take home with them.

The Davek line of high-end travel umbrellas are extremely compact, designed with travel in mind. They are small enough to fit into any luggage compartment and strong enough to withstand the weather conditions of any final destination.

Presentation matters—don’t forget about that box!

An elegant corporate gift deserves an elegant presentation. Don’t forget about that box. It’s important, especially if the executive suite is among your recipients. You want a bit of mystery prior to opening, while hinting at the quality within. That’s why the top three most popular Davek umbrella models—the Solo, Traveler and Duet—are individually packaged in sleek, high quality packaging for an utterly elegant presentation.

Don’t just give luxury—give longevity.

Giving a luxury corporate gift today isn’t just about making an impression—it’s about forging a long-term relationship. A Davek umbrella is the corporate gift that endures over time. Every Davek umbrella comes with its famous Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: If, during its lifetime, you find any defect in material or workmanship, or the umbrella should fail to function for any reason whatsoever, we will gladly repair or replace it for free (except shipping). These lifetime pieces perfectly exemplify ultimate precision, attention to detail and meticulous workmanship. A Davek umbrella is the kind of corporate gift that makes a lasting impression.


So many luxury corporate gift ideas today fail to leave a lasting impression, essentially resulting in the company wasting its money. When was the last time you received a corporate gift that you still used the following year?  Whether as a holiday present for your staff, a reward for great performance, a prize at a golf outing or a giveaway at an annual meeting, a corporate gift from Davek is one that’s guaranteed to make an impression long after the occasion.

For more information about Davek umbrellas and how to get a free sample to review, click here


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